Goodbye NSFW Forums


We had forums open for quite some time, a great place where people could create a profile and send private messages to each other. We kept this open and free for a long time. Unfortunately the forums got over run with spammers, and since google at one time gave “link juice” to spammers this way we got thousands of users signing up for no other reason than to use our system for advertising. Recently google has changed and is now giving negative points to people who add web site links in thier profiles with forums (We think, google is famous for not really saying many things exactly, just some esoteric generalizations that others try to figure out, and depending on who you listen to, well, you never really know what the hell is going on in the Google systems, and it’s always changing).

Anyhow, we did things to try to prevent the spammers, we auto “rel nofollowed” links that people got, even added auto added “anchor text” and “title tags” that said to search engines “do not give juice to links from here” – and warned our users that links via user profiles we probably spam, and not likely to be related to our NSFW community. This did not stop the spammers, it’s like they never paid any attention to this.

With recent changes in the google penalizing thing we started getting complaints from web site owners saying they were being knocked out of search results and the links “someone else” added to our site was hurting their site. From what we have seen, this is not suppose to happen, and especially since we auto “rel’d” all external links nofollow – was supposed to be a “link condom” and not help or hurt anyone. Many people still freaked out about it and asked us to spend the ridiculous time to sift through profiles and remove profile information.

We are not comfortable changing other people’s info, and don’t have time to sort through all this stuff. With a recent news story about people getting negative SEO blackmail, and google neither confirming or denying that this kind of thing is possible, we decided to play it on the safe side, by getting out of the ring completely.

Yes, we are closing down the pool!

Spammers won’t be able to use our forums to try to help or hurt other web sites. (and we are still not sure they could anyways with our auto rel=”nofollow” thing we added to the forums code.

Our users will not be able to continue with their forums profiles, private messaging, and picture sharing either. Sorry guys and gals.

Web site owners should stop sending us begging and threatening emails. (Hoo-ray!)

Yeah, it sucks. We tried. It is what it is. We can’t keep fighting all these different groups of idiots. We are done.

So.. will we bring a new way for people to private message and share pics and chat?

Maybe one of these days. We are exploring some options. We may launch a new system, we may just say screw it and focus on sharing sexy porn videos through our main free videos area. We are testing some other options, and taking suggestions if anyone has any. What may be the best option is some kind of private, members only, premium section. A place where spammers can not afford to sign up, and search engines will never be able to go. So this is something we are tinkering with. We’ll post updates here in the blog section.

If you had pictures in your profile albums and need to get them, they are going to be saved until Sept 17th 2014. Contact us with some of the pic names and we’ll see if we can pull them somehow. No promises though! We’ll see what we can do.

In the meantime, sorry for the short notice, and thanks for understanding our predicament.

Rest in peach old cruel forums.

We loved the freedom, the free-ness, the sexiness you helped us all provided each other for so long.


NSFW Store is now open for adults.

We would like to let you know that our not safe for work store is now open and ready for adults like you to shop around in. We feature hundreds of thousands of various adult goodies from dvds to sex toys and even apparel.

If you are like the other millions of adults that love to shop for adult related products and material than be sure to check out the great prices and selections over at our NSFW Store.

We now feature embedded movies on NSFW Tube

We are happy to announce that ability to embed our videos here on note safe for work tube. We only ask that you put these videos on your own adult websites and never on any third party websites.Please read of terms of service for more information on embedding our videos.

Should you have any problems with embedding our videos please do not hesitate to contact us about the issue so we can help out as helping out our viewers is something we pride ourselves on doing.

Get these two nsfw feeds already.

Just in case you missed them we have two not safe for work feeds you must have if your into adult entertainment news and into seeing our newest videos when they arrive at our tube.

Both of these two feeds will have lots of daily adult content added to them and we can assure you that it will only feature really awesome adult stuff you will want to see in your reader.

Not safe for work blog now publishing.

Hello and welcome to the not safe for work blog about itself and many things in and concerning the adult entertainment industry and the news around it. Here we plan on writing about everything porn related and to our tube and the things to come and who knows what else.

But we wanted to give you a little bit of a heads up about whats going on and about to happen here on this porn blog of ours and welcome all of our viewers to the new not safe for work blog!