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We value privacy, and you should too. We highly recommend you familiarize your self with internet safety and privacy issues. We suggest you read up and understand internet privacy concerns at these web sites:







Once you have a clear understanding of what’s really going on with the web, then you can really start to see that privacy is a big issue. There are also plenty of news stories to check out where you can see that many places that have posted these little privacy badges in fact are not secure and often violate their own agreements. You will also find that even large institutions that do a lot to protect privacy are sometimes breached by hackers and even governments.

Privacy should begin at home, on your own computer with serious virus protection and spyware protect like malware bytes and kapersky internet security. You should also use encryption and strong passwords one your own system. You can learn about that stuff from a Cnet.com

Privacy with this web site:

Well if you learned enough from the above links, then you are not worried about privacy here. Essentially, our web site collects the same info that most sites collect with statistics programs and such. We got records of your ip address and other identifying information when yo visit this site. Just about all web sites do.

We do not sell or rent out any of this info, but if we were served with a court order to provide to someone, then we would have to abide by that. If we decided to sell our web site, then some of the information in our statistics and user accounts would probably go along with it. We have no intention to ever sell out, but hey you never know, even yahoo might be bought if offered the right price.

If you decide to sign up for an account, provide ratings, or enter in any other info, then we may collect more info about you. Pretty much all the info you enter, even clicking a rating will store some information into our database, and may add some cookies onto your system so we can track things that make the end user experience better - things like keeping someone from rating the same video multiple times, and keeping spammers at bay.

Realize that any time you enter info into an online form, or interact with a web site / program that collects information like clicks, or email addresses and such - that information is stored in a database, and usually on some web server in some other state, and that that server (along with pretty much everybody else’s servers) are maintained by people who have access to it, and people that webmasters often do not even know. Any time you enter data into an online form, that data is at risk of being hacked or seized and used by third parties around the world.

We try to keep things secure here by doing any software updates that are made available by our software vendor. We host our sites with a reputable company. We try to keep things on the down low as much as possible. We may offer web advertising one day that could store tracking cookies and stuff like that. If we do, we can’t be responsible for what they do. Big companies like google and doubleclick use this cookies, and I think amazon does too. Some people believe that marketing agencies and places like facebook and insurance companies do evil things with these cookies.

I myself am not a big fan of what facebook has been doing with all of it’s information, so I do not use it, and I am careful what I enter into any web site forms. You can also setup settings in your web browser that will crush cookies and delete cookies and stuff like that. Personally I like the way amazon.com handles cookies and viewing history - I think it’s helpful (although sometimes creepy) and I know that having cookies allows for affiliates to get paid for sending customers - so it’s a good thing to allow cookies and let people get paid so we can all continue to provide cool services for free or at low costs.

With that said, not all companies play well with collected information, and some are out there profiling people and user groups in ways that are down right freaky. We don’t get involved in selling your information to insurance companies and crap like that.

Web beacons, third party ads and scripts

This web site may employ some third party scripts that display advertisements, or other content. When a web site uses third party scripts to display ads or other content, that third party code on the site will allow that third party to collect information about you. This is generally the case with services like google adwords, and other third party advertising scripts. This information is stored by the third party and sometimes shared with other companies. It varies from one publisher to another, and some companies use shady tactics combined with this, even using small pixels as “web beacons”. Some companies keep this to themselves, and others sell or rent, or combines this information with other info about you or your computer to profile users.

    These are serious issues, and most places on the internet are taking advantage of your ignorance, lack of caring, or both.

As much as we value user’s privacy, it’s obvious that most users just don’t care, and prefer to enjoy the benefits of ad supported content, so we do employ some things such as the “add this / bookmark share script” - this script is really helpful to some people, but something I learned recently is that every time you visit a page with this script, not only do they get a record of you visiting this page, but they can transfer, sell, rent, and compile this information with other services. Now they do have a little link to their privacy info when you hover over it (http://www.addthis.com/privacy ) - and they do offer a way to opt out of the extra marketing baggage that comes with it’s use. And come to find out, from this opt out service, you can opt out of all much info tracking from a dozen different and very large internet data thieves. I was quite suprised when I looked at the list of places I could opt of tracking, it had listed and checked off about 10 places that already had tracking cookies on my computer. You should look into this for yourself.

How to opt out of the “Add this” information sharing - http://www.addthis.com/advertising-choices

There are many more services that many web sites use, that we feel are going a little too far in the information collection game. I highly recommend that you go back to the top of this page and go to the sites listed and learn some more.

    We do not currently use chartbeat - but many of the web sites you view every day do. It doesn’t hurt you to stop it. So how do you block the chartbeat tracking? One person wrote in this info:

    The easiest way to block it is to add a line to your hosts file to route ping.chartbeat.net to your local machine.

    The hosts file is located in /etc/hosts on OSX and *NIX, and in c:\windows\system32\drivers\hosts on Windows systems.

    Simply add the line ping.chartbeat.net

    And now whenever any program on your computer tries to access ping.chartbeat.net, it will simply be redirected to your local machine, resulting in a “page not found” error.

There are other bad tracking things out there, again there are some great links at the top of the page to learn more. Another thing you should seriously look into is blocking the google analytics scripts from tracking and recording your web site visits all over the web. Overall analytics is not evil, it helps webmasters. But all of that stored information is kept by google forever and combined with all the other sites you surf that have the analytics script running. So I highly suggest finding one of the easy ways to block the google analytics from recording and storing info about all the porn sites, and all the other sites that you visit, or other people visit using your computer.

It’s fast, it’s easy, and it won’t change anything about how you see the web, actually, it may speed up your surfing just a little when you block the google analytics - so do it! (and tell your friends to do it!)

Our terms of service states that confidentiality is not guaranteed - and we suggest you find other ways to surf anonymously if it’s an issue for you.

We are not in the business of putting people’s real names or email addys out for the world to see, but you can keep a lid on all that by not using your real name, or not rating videos, or simply not using many of the services on the web. You could also sing up for a throw away email and use that when you sign up at porn sites - just make sure that you are using a proxy connection when you sign up for it, or when you check it.

If you have any questions about privacy here, contact us so that we can provide answers if possible.

Have a nice day - and happy porno surfing.










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